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About Steel Signature

Steel Signature was founded in 2015 to help people that want to make an impression on the world. Full-service agencies and managed service providers (MSPs) are very expensive and lack transparency—subcontracting work and marking up prices 5 to 10 times the real cost.

This is where Steel Signature found a need. We help individuals and enterprises achieve their vision by providing direct contracting to the top specialists around the world. We only source the most committed and attentive organizations desiring to add a personal touch to your project.

Who we are

The three primary forces in a project are time, cost, and quality. When one of these factors is favored, the other two will suffer. We’re obsessed with breaking this “Quality Triangle” by removing the trade-offs inherent in a project.

We seek top talent from all industries with a range of backgrounds and use a rigorous screening process to identify the best. The specialists at Steel Signature have something in common—they have a passion for helping clients succeed, they are leaders, and they are great problem solvers.

Executive Board

Aaron Conner CEO Picture 2020

Aaron Conner


Specialist in digital marketing and web development, with emphasis on business strategy, brand formation, and product design for startups and enterprises. He is a multi-talented individual, well-known for his leadership, sales management, and expertise in technology.

Our commitments

Since the start, we have been here to improve the life of our clients and our specialists. We are hard-workers who value integrity, and top companies rely on us for their most important projects.

Secure convenience

Our clients benefit from encrypted payment processing, communication, and data control. We protect our users while offering effortless access to top services and unparalleled management for almost any project.

Full inclusion

We are building a diverse workforce and user base with equal opportunity for all. Connecting top specialists and services from all over the world is more representative of the whole, while white labeling removes traditional workplace bias.

Expanding opportunity

We are empowering small businesses and bootstrapped entrepreneurs with free access to a network of opportunities. Revenue sharing and integrated project management software allows our specialists to grow and offer better service to clients.

The top specialists curated for your convenience.

What we do

Steel Signature is a marketplace for qualified services. We’re making it easier to do just about anything by providing curated services, top specialists, and free resources on demand. We have solved the tedious process of sourcing, vetting, pricing, and managing projects.

Ready for success?