Featured interview & article writing.


Why you need it.

Writing engaging articles requires a trained professional who can capture ideas, use language effectively, and produce original content. Hosting an interview and reporting that information takes time and skills. Using poor grammar, punctuation, or flow can turn hours of work into a dud – let us interview a professional and write a formal article for your organization.


What you’ll get.

  • A dedicated journalist, writer, and editor
  • One 30-60 minute interview with a professional of your choosing
  • One written article reporting on the topics discussed

Additional Information

Frequently asked questions.

Who picks and interviews the professional?

You’ll be responsible for providing a chosen interviewee and their direct contact information for each article. We’ll schedule and host the interview. If you need help finding interviewees, writing specialists are available.

How long is the finished article?

You get to choose here.

Can I have more than one article written per month?

Of course! Just add multiple orders to your cart during checkout.

Do I get to communicate with my writer?

Once your order is placed, you’ll be connected to your writer to go over any additional information before getting started.

Can I request revisions?

One round of minor revisions are allowed when following editorial guidelines.

Can I edit or modify the article?

Although it’s usually not necessary, you have full ownership over the finished article and are free to make any changes.

Are photos/images included with the article?

No, but our photographers and graphic designers can help with that.

What should I do with the finished article?

We recommend promoting it through websites, email campaigns, social media channels, and local press. We offer marketing support if you need additional help.

  • NO Contracts - cancel anytime
  • Streamlined - services begin within 24 hours
  • Quality - 100% satisfaction guaranteed