Bad Trip Insurance

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Project Description

Bad Trip Insurance™ is a dietary supplement designed to help promote relaxation with a powerful sense of calm. Steel Signature supported the product design, which included focus group studies, custom label and box art creation, FDA compliance, and aggressive promotional planning. We also assisted the product launch with website development and guerrilla marketing campaigns.

Project Details

consulting, graphic design, industry research, logo design, product packaging, social media, website design

August 6, 2018


After studying potential customer segments and available key partners, we developed a strong brand standard including a positioning statement, key messaging, and brand elements. Steel Signature then designed the logo with a high visibility font and attention grabbing colors according to the U.S. Department of Transportation Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Finally, our social media strategy for Instagram growth hacked a large initial following.

Renovo Marketing PR - Steel Signature
Renovo Brand Design - Steel Signature

Product Design

Bad Trip Insurance™ packets and bulk boxes were designed following FDA rules and regulations for dietary supplement labeling set forth in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Steel Signature created labels with the final lockup and design elements used across various facets of the product to maintain continuity and brand identity. Lastly, we designed the box art and fabricated a custom die for the unique gravity-fed dispensing system.


After assessing the fulfillment needs and distribution goals, Steel Signature advised on the packaging and shipping strategy. The product quickly spread across multiple states, requiring ways to track expansion and manage client relations. We worked with the brand to incorporate invoicing and sales software while establishing Key Progress Indicators to monitor project milestones and evaluate business objectives.

Renovo Ecommerce Website Design - Steel Signature
Renovo Product Photography - Steel Signature

Website Development

Steel Signature designed a single page website optimized for high traffic and mobile devices. The highlighted product page featured snappy CSS animations, informative FAQs, and influential product reviews. We implemented Google Analytics to collect valuable visitor data, including geolocations, referring sources, and user behavior.