Drew’s Honeybees Inc.

Creative, Digital, Marketing, Strategy

Project Description

An organic skincare organization contacted us for help producing a new lip balm product line that would support vital research and benefit the honeybee. As an emerging start-up in a mature industry, Drew’s Honeybees Inc. was looking for professional assistance in everything from marketing strategies to website development. We assessed numerous sales channels and developed a robust e-commerce solution to maximize early stage market penetration. Then we created a personalized digital brand identity and showcased it with a search engine optimized website. Finally, we supported the coordination and design of projects involving international artists and freelancers. Ongoing efforts in press outreach and marketing are backing the brand launch.

Project Details

brochure design, consulting, copywriting, e-commerce, graphic design, industry research, product packaging, product photography, website design

November 19, 2017

Marketing and Growth Planning

All successful ideas begin with a strong strategic foundation. We consulted with the client in regular meetings to develop believable and realistic personas. This helped Steel Signature create empathy maps and further study key demographics. The data provided critical guidance for placement within retail outlets, and it was employed throughout the design and formation of the Drew’s Honeybees brand.

Renovo Ecommerce Website Design - Steel Signature
Renovo Brand Design - Steel Signature

E-commerce Website Development

The client expressed desires to start with a fully functional website and later incorporate e-commerce functionality. Converting a complex storefront from a pre-existing design required a well crafted hierarchy of information that was presented in full color scamp drawings and detailed wireframes for approval. We perfected the visitor’s experience with optimized mobile responsiveness, custom CSS features to stand out, and a catchy opening video in the topfold. A unique funnel was also included in the deliverable to maintain high conversion rates across every page. Training and tutorials were provided to key personnel allowing easy client side access to maintain inventory levels and manage product orders.


Building a rock solid identity that consumers understand and influence buying habits requires consistent imagery and relatable messaging. Steel Signature accomplished the former by designing a brandmark from existing creative assets, managing and organizing the product photography, and assisting with the completion of FDA compliant cosmetic labels. We also contributed extensive copywriting across the website and collateral in addition to product excerpts and ingredient highlights.

Renovo Marketing PR - Steel Signature
Renovo Product Photography - Steel Signature

Brochure Design

With all the digital services available, print collateral still makes sales effort more effective and successful. Steel Signature maintained consistent brand messaging across the technical, B2B, and B2C pamphlets. Our technical brochure design was a complex eye-catching accordion style fold pattern. We created the business-to-business booklet for retailers and distributors with product details, manufacturer information, and MSRP & wholesale rates. Finally, the business-to-consumer postcard for demos and events was streamlined to reduce printing cost and maximize exposure of promotional content.