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Email marketing | email campaign strategy.


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Cost: $69

Timeline: 1 hour

Email marketing is ideal for those who are looking for end-to-end high yield communications. You want email messages that get results and bottom-line growth. Access easy turnkey email marketing that gets results smoothly, giving you more time to focus on your business and your personal interests. Questions before ordering?

What you’ll get.


A dedicated professional email campaign strategist


  • Introduction to available tools and resources to help send emails
  • Incorporate click and open tracking methods to improve effectiveness of campaigns


  • Hourly phone or video calls per month to develop a custom business plan and strategy


  • A list of custom recommendations to improve your deliverability and increase conversions

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Frequently asked questions.

How do I get started?

Every specialist will do an assessment of you and your project to determine what you need and how to best help. Schedule an appointment, and we’ll contact you directly.

How long will it take?

Every project is unique to your vision, industry, product/service, etc. For a detailed success road map, plan to spend 1-2 hours minimum with a specialist.

Can I continue to work with my digital marketing strategist?

Yes! In fact, we encourage building a long-term relationship with a specialist that understands you and your projects.

Client reviews.


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