PGH in 360

Creative, Digital, Strategy

Project Description

A new tech start-up wanting to empower Pittsburgh teens to create 360-degree videos about issues that matter participated in a Social Justice Innovation Weekend competition. PGH in 360 was the organization we assisted throughout the event against other aspiring entrepreneurs. PGH in 360 was the only winner, with early success quickly leading to support from a local non-profit and multiple sponsors. Steel Signature continues to support ongoing activities with general strategy, digital marketing, and graphic design.

Project Details

brochure design, consulting, graphic design, industry research, logo design, website design

June 5, 2018

Business Development

Steel Signature’s strategy was crucial to early stage business planning as guidance and consultation was provided to form and shape the idea. During the contest, our critical feedback proved effective in the final pitch to judges and potential investors. Afterwards, we instructed efficient usage of limited resources for social media management, workshop promotion, and influencer marketing.

Renovo Ecommerce Website Design - Steel Signature
Renovo Brand Design - Steel Signature

Logo Design

We highlighted the target audience and identified their respective demographics to create a solid, data driven brand standard. We mirrored Pittsburgh’s prominent color scheme and rendered a custom city skyline graphic to maintain the localized focus of PGH in 360. A sleek, defined 360-degree technological curve complemented the youthful and urban font.

Website Development

Condensing the hierarchy of information into a single page with a skeletal design and compressed images optimized load times for the target mobile audience. The top fold features the most recent 360-degree video upload via an embedded YouTube shortcode API. Connected social media streams, supplemented with a functional blog, provides users with easily accessible news, updates, and information about PGH in 360.

Renovo Marketing PR - Steel Signature
Renovo Product Photography - Steel Signature

Brochure Design

Steel Signature was requested to make simple postcards as handouts for workshops and attended events. This collateral was designed to promote future sites and sponsorship opportunities for PGH in 360. We organized the layout to be unique and focus attention while maximizing space within the provided dimensions.