PharmaTrip Labs

Creative, Digital, Marketing, Strategy

Project Description

A nutraceutical enterprise improving alternative solutions to mental, physical, and emotional discomfort requested our full-service agency to expand their industry share and define a complete market development strategy for a new supplement. The project kicked-off with PharmaTrip Labs commissioning a classic design for their company website and B2B marketing collateral. Among the deliverables was a sleek, retro redesign of an aged logo. The company continues to receive support from Steel Signature as the conversation shifts from brand formation to growth strategy.

Project Details

brochure design, consulting, copywriting, graphic design, logo design, product packaging, social media, website design

April 6, 2018

Brochure Design

PharmaTrip Labs required informational print collateral to assist in new product sales. Steel Signature rendered custom artwork for a clean, futuristic design while incorporating established assets. The trifold pamphlet had a business-to-business focus with research driven pain points, technical product specifications, and order process details.

Renovo Ecommerce Website Design - Steel Signature
Renovo Brand Design - Steel Signature

Logo Design

To create a distinctive and relevant brand identity, Steel Signature used cutting-edge scientific visuals. Following PharmaTrip Labs’ self-perceived characteristics of professional and advanced, we matched a fashionably nostalgic font with the color palette and layout of popular material design. An appealing brandmark was formed from the matching genic symbol to maintain an identifiable brand image.

Website Development

Coded in the WordPress ecosystem, we created a classic feel by utilizing a raw trendy design called brutalism. The old-fashioned tabular features offer intuitive navigation and fast site performance on mobile and desktop devices. The added value of an order form allows easy wholesale inquiry and simple trackable billing.

Renovo Marketing PR - Steel Signature