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Why you need it.

Finding news and articles, writing summaries, and publishing posts takes time away from important business duties and responsibilities. Inactive social media channels hurt your SEO and cost you new leads — let us curate content for your organization.


What you’ll get.

  • A dedicated social media account manager
  • Your choice of: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • 30 posts published per month (once per day)
  • News and articles relevant to your organization
  • Shareable posts with custom images, summaries, and tags


Make it better.

When placing your order, take advantage of:

  • Click-to-action (CTA) banner – capture readers going to other sites and redirect them to your website

Or combine with our related services for additional success.

Additional Information

Frequently asked questions.

What type of content/posts will be published on my account?

A strategic balance of education and informative topics from your industry that inspire interaction and qualitative feedback.

What will my account manager do?

Find, summarize, and post curated content to your liking.

Should I engage with the posts?

Yes! We highly recommend engaging and sharing posts with your personal social media account to maximize impressions and reach.

How do I change the topics?

You can work with your account manager to fine tune your posting schedule each month.

Can I edit or modify the posts?

Although it’s usually not necessary, you are free to make any changes to the posts once published.

  • NO Contracts - cancel anytime
  • Streamlined - services begin within 24 hours
  • Quality - 100% satisfaction guaranteed