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Timeline: 1 hour

Branding refers to the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies you and distinguishes you from the competition. Effective brand communication gives you a major edge in competitive markets. In a world where most people fumble for their words when put on the spot, imagine the confidence you can radiate when you are able to clearly describe your product or service.

What you’ll get.


Do you fumble for your words? Can you articulate your value propositions? Can you describe it simply enough that a fifth-grader would understand? What’s more, can the person remember what it is you do, and be able to tell someone else about it? A writer trained in organizational psychology will help you define your value proposition and concisely articulate the differentiators that make your business unique.


  • A dedicated professional branding expert
  • Competitor research on other businesses in your area
  • A clearer understanding of yourself
  • Custom recommendations for Content Strategy, SEO, and Social Marketing strategy moving forward


  • Virtual face-to-face time with a trained writer that will clearly define your message without confusion or hesitation


  • Content you can use to update your website, “About Us” page, pitch-decks, and email marketing campaigns

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Frequently asked questions.

How do I get started?

Every specialist will do a FREE assessment of you and your project to determine what you need and if the relationship will be a good fit.  Schedule an appointment, and we’ll contact you directly.

Why should my branding be authentic?

On a daily basis your customers are interacting with your online avatar or company page. Branding is the front-facing side of your business that all your customers get to see. Authentic branding communicates trust and value. Inauthentic branding can sound “canned,” “corporate,” or can “sound just like everyone else.”

Why do I need branding?

In our experience, we’ve found that most business owners have a hard time articulating their brand messaging, especially when starting out. A well defined brand capitalizes on the unique gift the entrepreneur can bring to the table. This gift is an offering to the world that only you and your teammates can deliver. It often takes a 3rd-person’s perspective to see this value and translate it into terms consumers can understand.

What does storytelling have to do with brand messaging?

Everything! A well crafted story is the foundation of many successful businesses. Successful businesses effectively communicate the lifestyle benefits their customers can expect. Want results? Tell better stories.

Should I position myself as the Hero of the story?

Donald Miller says “No.” This is a common mistake new businesses make. Your role as a business owner is not to position yourself as the Hero of the story, but as the Guide. Your role as a business is not to take center stage, but to help the consumer achieve their lifestyle goal on the way in their hero’s journey. By positioning your product or service as the Guide, Heroes will come to you seeking the wisdom they need to upgrade their lifestyle.

What can a branding expert do for me?

A branding expert weaves together testimonials, case studies, and personal stories from your company to help you position yourself in the marketplace. Your customer wants to see that you have a synthesized message. Your customer wants to see that you’ve helped other people “cross” before.

Can I continue to work with my branding expert?

Yes! In fact, we encourage building a long-term relationship with a specialist that understands you and your projects.