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Social Media Advertising Manager Including Ad Buy

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Price: $999/mo
Timeline: 30 days

We'll use social networking websites to increase your visibility to up to 55,000 new impressions.

Service description.


Take advantage of user demographic and behavior information available on social networking websites to increase your visibility and generate leads. Without an effective bidding strategy, ad copy, and analysis of competitors, you’re throwing money (and traffic) away.

Using separate platforms to advertise on different channels and selecting the best places to put your advertisements in the digital world is an increasingly overwhelming task. Let us streamline the process and optimize your digital advertising spend.

What you get

  • A dedicated advertising manager
  • One managed social media ad with ad buy included in cost

Service information.

  24 hour response time
  Email support
  Phone support
  Video call support


  • One (1) hour phone or video call per month to discuss reports, performance, and ad strategy


  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • 55,000 average impressions per month
  • 167 average conversions per month

Frequently asked questions.

Are there additional ad buy costs?

No. The cost of purchasing the advertisement is included.

Who creates the advertisement?

We’ll handle creating the advert based on your input and what will get the best results for your business.

What do I need to do to get started?

After order confirmation, you will receive an agency request to update User Roles on your business social media page. We cannot get started with your ad campaign until you provide us access to your page.

How exact are your results?

We'll make modifications to campaigns each month to keep getting you the best possible results. Results are based on averages, so we can't guarantee exact impressions, clicks, or CTR.

Can I have more than one campaign running?

Of course! Just add multiple orders to your cart during checkout.

Do I get to communicate with my advertising manager?

Once your order is placed, you'll be connected to your advertising manager to go over any additional information before getting started.

Can I change my order?

Creative and targeting need time to optimize and we highly suggest not attempting to make frequent adjustments. You can work with your advertising manager to optimize your spend, and we’ll notify you when modifications are made. If you've changed your mind, you can cancel anytime.

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