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Social Media Manager & Content Creator for Facebook

Social Media Marketing Service - Steel Signature
Price: $249/mo
Timeline: 30 days

Inactive social media channels hurt your SEO and cost you new leads. Hire a Facebook social media marketer to manage your online presence.

Service description.

What you’ll get

A dedicated social media manager with a decade of experience in Facebook marketing & social media management. We’ll create engaging original content for your business. Reliability, consistency, and passion for helping other businesses become successful. We offer more communication and involvement than typical agencies.

Our process


  • We pair you with a social media manager with the most amount of experience in your industry
  • A customized strategy for the month
  • One (1) managed handle on Facebook
  • Content created using trends, news, and self promotions relevant to your organization

Service information.

  72 hour response time
  Email support
  Phone support
  Video call support


  • One (1) hour phone or video call per month to discuss reports, performance, and content strategy


  • Five (5) shareable posts per week with custom images and hashtags (totaling 20 posts per month)
  • Detailed analytics and reporting

Frequently asked questions.

Am I creating the content?

No. As a client, you do not need to create content. All of the content is created for you by a social media management expert. These organic posts include text, picture, and video elements. Optionally, you may send your social media manager your own original content and it will be included with your posts.

Are you replying to comments that get made?

When a comment is made, we will respond with a brief comment or emoji. When a specific question is asked in regards to your services or products, we will notify you immediately and can respond on your behalf.

What kind of growth is expected?

We have learned that moderate & organic growth is the most effective strategy. We strongly discourage buying likes or followers as most of those drop off quickly and can do more harm than good. The more you and your business can share the content we post, the faster the organic growth.

Are you posting on my behalf?

Yes. We post under your social media profiles, under your accounts, as you. Of course, we determine strategy and content style before beginning our work.

How do I know which posts performed well?

As the owner of your (Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter page) you can check the analytics at any time by simply logging into your account. There, you will able to see activity and reporting. Your dedicated social media manager will also give you a report once a month, usually at the end of the month, via video call or phone call. On this call, you will get a chance to talk about audience growth, content strategy, and which campaigns to pause or create in the future.

How does audience segmentation work?

Audience segmentation allows valuable audience insights. Learn the demographics, age range, and geo-location of the people that engage with your online content.

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